New Years Eve

Happy New Year!!! I'm wishing everyone an exciting and happy transition to 2017. I am so thankful for the memories and new relationships I made this past year. I definitely wanted to ring in the new year the way queen Yonce walked out in her 'I Been On' music video with this gorgeous Windsor dress and lots of chokers which I'm obsessed with stacking right now.

A quick shout out to my lovely ladies that I spent New Years Eve with. Perfect way to end 2016 and start 2017 <3

dress: Windsor Store

Chokers were all from Forever 21 except for one of the short gold chained one that was from Aldo. 


Halloween 2016

So, I haven't been one to celebrate halloween in a couple years. The past couple years a couple friends and I would go out and collect canned goods and donate them which is a super great thing to do so I encourage others to do the same if they can! BUT this year we were informed about Haunted Fest so we decided to go and got to see some great DJ's and get dressed up last minute. When I mean last minute, I mean an hour before having to leave for the event. I did a dead bride look which ended up just looking like I've been abused or maybe a zombie. You take your pick. Afterwards we hit up a couple bars where more fun ensued. Low-key wish I thought of being Christina Aguilera from her diirty video. That was my childhood. <3 But Kylie Jenner slayed that look and I'm so proud. 

Dear Emilija, 

Till death do us part

Wedding in Canton

I had such an amazing time at this wedding that I might call it the best wedding I've been to in the last two years. Saturday morning was crazy trying to get ready, having last minute trips to get makeup that I was out of, and making sure I didn't forget any detail. It was a two and a half hour drive out to canton which flew by. The wedding was wonderful, the bride was beautiful, and the party never stopped. The dancing even started in the beginning before anyone could say anything! I am so happy I was able to be a part of it and make some new friends while at it. And YES my heels were on all night. I stick by my rule: don't take them off and if you REALLY have to put cute flats/gladiators on ;)

If you have me on snapchat, then you saw some of my night!

Dress: Express     &    heels: Aldo