Labor Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day! Plans consisted of lunch at The Guild House (one of my favorite places), wandering high street, going to the mall and having some ice cream. Super simple and now I am ending my day relaxing at home with a cup of tea and Netflix. I started a new show for myself: Beauty and the Beast. I cant get myself to stop watching which is creating a unhealthy habit that I am excited to go through again. <3

Fun story: while at The Guild House I started to get up and take pictures and our wonderful waitress Alexa had asked if we wanted one together, and of course we're all like YES good thinking (we only thought of taking pictures of the food.) So as she finished and handed me my camera, the group sitting at the next table over started talking about how they should do a side by side picture saying "us" and "them" jokingly about how nice we looked for lunch.