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Kitiiinn Blessings

Long Distance Reiki Healing

Long Distance Reiki Healing

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What is Reiki?

Intuitive healing energy that feeds off your body's natural capacity to heal itself. It uses biomagnetic energy that we possess within our energy centers, or chakras, to transmit healing to the body. When we are hurt, we naturally hold and protect areas that have been injured to draw in reiki energy closer to those parts and help them recover. When all levels of the body are in harmony through frequency, mind body communication is fluid and strong. (Dr. Mariel Buque)


Healing Session :

Each session is personalized to your healing intention. The reiki energy will go to where your body needs it most. All sessions are private and remote as it is not required to be physically together. Reiki energy has its own universal wisdom and intelligence.

Each session is 30 minutes as i cleanse the aura and go through each chakra, but give yourself a little extra time after to just relax if you can. I use crystal healing as I go through each energy point. ✨

After booking, please send an email to with your name and specific intentions you wish for me to call in and create, and/or anything you wish to surrender. ✨

Please set the intention to be open to receiving the reiki healing energy before or as the session starts. ✨

 I will send you an email afterwards to recap the session ✨


For the healing sessions, I recommend laying down or relaxing in a quiet environment. Feel free to put on music. If you are doing something, that is fine as reiki is still being sent to you. 

Remember to stay hydrated ✨

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Coming soon

haven’t done the session yet but will be soon! i know it will be perfect and much needed🔥